5 Cool Tetris Variations You Can Play

The retro games like Tetris and Mario used to be the lifestream of our childhood days. And there's no wrong in saying that those games were more enjoyable for us than PUBG today. But with time, the joy that we used to get while playing those games has faded and we are only left with their memories.

Even today if we play those games, it will definitely freshen our childhood days. But you'll get bored after playing their certain rounds. This is where the new versions and variations help us out in maintaining the same joy forever. So here we are with some exciting variations of Tetris that will not let you get bored from your very own Tetris game.

Best Variations Of Tetris Available Online

1. Tetris Geek

Tetris Geek - Best Tetris Game variation online

No one can stop our very own game Tetris Geek to get into the list of the best Tetris variations. We all use to savor the game on our Nintendo players and this is what this variation let us do. This classic Tetris game is designed like the original version of Tetris and you have to play it on the exact same Nintendo player. The sound of the game is also similar to what Nintendo players used to make. The same is the case with its buttons and their functionality.

2. Tetris Blast

Tetris Blast - Best Tetris variation

You have to play the game exactly as you play the classic version of the game. Give the correct direction to the falling block and try to complete the possible lines. But the twist in the game is that each falling block contains at least one bomb. After fully completing any of the lines, an explosion will take place that will make most of the blocks disappear. When all the blocks get disappeared, you win the game and you're ready for the next stage. With each increasing stage, the game gets harder and it becomes really tough to win the game. Tetris Blast can be considered as one of the most addictive versions of the retro Tetris game.

3. 2048 Tetris

2048 Tetris

2048 and Tetris, both are top-notch games that can be played online anytime you want. But do you know what's more fun and addictive? The blend of both the games. 2048 Tetris will make your day once you start playing it. You have to merge the similar number tiles as we do in 2048. But the number tiles are falling from above as the blocks fall in Tetris. Once you reach the 2048 block, you win the game.

4. Welltris


Welltris is the hardest Tetris variation that one can play. The game can be considered as the Tetris game with 3D looks. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is set inside a four-walled well and the blocks can fall from any of the four walls. The falling blocks rest at the surface of the well and you have to complete the line with the blocks in order to make it disappear. If a part of the block is not adjusted on the surface and overlaps with the wall, then it means you're losing the game. And if all the four walls get overlapped by even a single block, you lose the game.

5. Hatris

Tetris varitions - Hatris

Instead of matching the blocks and completing the lines, how about matching the hats? Sounds interesting? Well, Hatris actually is an interesting game and you'll surely enjoy it. The caps of different styles fall from above and you have to stack similar ones. Once you have stacked five similar caps, they disappear and your score increases more and more. Sounds easy? Well, that's not the case. The game is quite hard as the two hats fall at the same time and it's really hard to manage both of them at ones.

Final Words

No original game can be enjoyed for a long time and their new versions and variations have to be introduced. And that's the reason we prepared this list of amazing Tetris variants. Just play them online and don't forget to share your experience with these new Tetris variations.

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