Play Free Classic Old Tetris Online

Play classic old school Tetris game online on tetrisgeek.com. You can make use of any browser you feel like and play the online Tetris for free.
Even if you lose the internet connection while playing the Tetris game online, you don't need to worry.
The game works exactly normal without the internet connection too, once the loading is complete.
The best part is that you can play it on any of your devices - computer (Windows/Mac/Linux), smartphone (Android, iOS)

Increasing Difficulty

Playing the original Tetris game on the same level can get a little boring and you might feel like quitting the game.
But you should try the game by increasing the difficulty a little bit.
You can do that by increasing the number of start lines.
With this, you will get the selected number of lines already filled up roughly.
Now you have to manage and play the game on the remaining space, along with that, you have to try to clear the lower blocks too.
You can increase the number of start lines with the help of up and down key and it has to be done before starting the game.
Another way to increase the difficulty is by increasing the level.
It will make the blocks fall fast, making it difficult for you you manage them efficiently.
You can increase the level with the left and right keys before starting the game.

Play Classic Tetris Free Online
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